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Kitaoka: It's so unlucky for Gomi I signed with Sengoku

Satoru Kitaoka had an open training in Tokyo on December 26. He faces Takanori Gomi for Sengoku lightweight belt in "Sengoku no Ran" on January 4.

After training, he answered questions from the press.
"I finished the intensive training last week, and started to adjust my weights this week. In addition to the same training I had for the light weight tournament, I had a special training for this fight. Takanori Gomi is a great striker with good sense of fighting."

"I said he won't be accepted in the UFC when I had an interview with an MMA magazine. I have never said he is not good. What I meant was I was better than him. I'm satisfied with fighting him because his past accomplishments were impressive. He hasn't proved himself in Sengoku; in contrast, I got results, so I said I accepted his challenge."

"I'm very excited as well as nervous, but I have a confidence to win. I have to say that it so unlucky for him that I signed up with Sengoku."

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