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UFC 92: Rampage Jackson-Wanderlei Silva Fireworks Start at the Weigh-In


Not that we needed another reason to be excited about Saturday night's fight between Wanderlei Silva and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson at UFC 92, but today's weigh-in added another chapter to their long feud.

After the fighters stepped on the scales (Rampage weighed 206; Silva weighed 203), they engaged in an intense stare down, just as they had in Pride years ago. And then, with Silva's nose less than an inch from his own, Rampage smiled and said something.

I couldn't tell what Rampage said, but it infuriated Silva, who gave Rampage a hard shove. UFC President Dana White stepped between them before anything more could happen, and maybe Silva's push was just a bit of theatrics. But it was an intense moment that just adds a little more heat to the fight.

After the push, Silva stormed off the stage. Rampage stayed where he was, posed, made a throat-slash gesture and gave his traditional yell. The fans ate it up, and we were reminded that regardless of the two championship belts on the line tomorrow night, Silva vs. Rampage is the true main event.

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