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Dana White Not Looking at Bobby Lashley, UFC Won't Be Full of Ex-WWE Stars

During our FanHouse live chat with UFC President Dana White, I read him a question from a reader who asked whether Bobby Lashley was coming to the UFC. The first word out of White's mouth was, "Who?"

Once I explained to White that Lashley is the former WWE star who recently won his MMA debut, White said he recognized the name but wasn't particularly interested in adding him to the UFC.

"I don't think so," White said. "We brought in Brock Lesnar because he's a great wrestler. He's a big guy, I thought he should have taken some fights in some smaller shows, but he assured me he was ready and I believed him and he was right, thank God. I don't know how many people can cross over and do what Lesnar has done. I don't think there's many out there."

Lashley has said he'd like to fight in the Octagon, but it sounds like he has a lot to prove before the UFC would consider it.

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