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Takanori Gomi: 'I cannot lose this fight'

Takanori Gomi held an open training Wednesday at the Rascal Gym and spoke afterwards about his Jan. 4 fight against Satoru Kitaoka for the vacant Sengoku lightweight belt at "Sengoku no Ran" at Saitama Super Arena.

"I've been training so hard that I'm exhausted. My exhaustion has reached the limits, but I have no time to rest. My condition is good."

Gomi participated in Combat Wrestling last month and fought Katsuhiko Nagata.

"It was great opportunity to fight in the tournament. I could improve how to have a low center of gravity."

For this fight Gomi is mixing up his training with fighters at the GRABAKA gym.

"Since I started my gym, I didn't have any chance to train with other professional fighters. I am very appreciative of Sanae Kikuta who invited me to his gym. I could train with GRABAKA fighters including Kazunori Yokota who fought Kitaoka in Sengoku 6. All I need to focus on now is conditioning.

"I cannot lose this fight for myself and for my student. All I need to do to win is to condition well to bring my best in the fight."

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