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Bob Sapp to fight anime character at 'Dynamite!! 2008'

Bob Sapp fought a comedian at last year's "Dynamite!! 2008" New Year's Eve event, and he'll return this year with an even more unlikey opponent -- a cartoon character.

FEG, the parent company of K-1 and DREAM, announced today that Sapp will take on a fighter under DREAM rules by the name of Kinniku Mantaro, a character out of the manga and anime series "Ultimate Muscle."

The fighter portraying Mantaro is Akihito Tanaka, a 7-time All Japan wrestling champion who joined K-1 in 2004. Tanaka currently trains with Kazushi Sakuraba at the MMA legend's Laughter 7 gym.

The fight is being produced by DJ Ozma, whom Akihiro Gono spoofs for his entrances in the UFC and PRIDE Bushido.

Current "FieLDS Dynamite!!" fight card:

Dream Rule

  • Mirko Crocop vs Hong Man Choi
  • Semmy Schilt vs Mighty Mo
  • Hideo Tokoro vs Daisuke Nakamura
  • Jerome Le Banner vs Mark Hunt
  • Shinya Aoki vs Eddie Alvarez
  • Kazushi Sakuraba vs Kiyoshi Tamura
  • Joachim Hansen vs J.Z.Calvan
  • Bob Sapp vs Kinniku Mantaro

K-1 Rule

  • Yoshihiro Sato vs Artur Kyshenko
  • Kozo Takeda vs Tatsuya Kawajiri
  • Musashi vs Gegard Mousasi

K-1 Koshien

  • Hiroya vs Shimada Shota
  • Ryuya Kusakabe vs Koya Urabe

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