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UFC 92: Mike Massenzio Wants Revenge in Rematch Against C.B. Dollaway

Everyone knows about the big Wanderlei Silva-Rampage Jackson rematch at UFC 92. But there's another rematch on the pay-per-view show: Mike Massenzio vs. C.B. Dollaway.

Yes, Massenzio went mano-a-mano with Dollaway once before, but it was on a wrestling mat, not in the Octagon. Both were junior college wrestlers, and at the national tournament, Dollaway beat Massenzio. He tells Elliot Worsell of he hasn't forgotten:
"He's been a bit of a monkey on my back for the last five years. ... After he beat me in our first year at junior college, I was distraught. I trained like an animal the following year in the hope of getting a rematch with CB but it just never materialised that way.

"Every night after that fight I had to put up with CB Dollaway in my dreams and in my thoughts. I couldn't get away from his face. It was everywhere. I remember that match like it was yesterday."
He gets his chance to put it behind him on Saturday.

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