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UFC 92 Video: Frank Mir Explains What It's Like to Get Ready for a Fight

In this video, produced by UFC and DirecTV, Frank Mir talks about what his routine is like in the 24 hours leading up to a fight:

Mir, who will fight interim heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira in the co-main event at UFC 92, says he goes through every possibility the night before a fight: "You start going through the what-ifs. ... I'm going to jab, he'll throw a right hand, I'll slip back and tag him with a right hand. If he changes levels I'll sprawl. He counters with a swing single I'm going to hit a guillotine. If he counters the guillotine I'm going with a neck crank. If he counters the neck crank I'm going with a sweep. If he counters the sweep I'm going to stand up and knee him in the face."

And that's what goes through the mind of a fighter the night before a fight.

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