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Justin Levens 'Never the Same' After Suicide of Fellow IFL Fighter Jeremy Williams

The death of Justin Levens, a mixed martial arts fighter who was found in his home, along with his wife, in a possible murder-suicide, is bringing back painful memories of the suicide of another MMA fighter, Jeremy Williams.

Dec. 17:

Mike Chiappetta of NBC Sports reports that Levens was devastated when Williams, his friend and International Fight League teammate, committed suicide last year:
An anonymous source that spent time with Levens in recent months told that he was "never the same" after the suicide of one of his close friends, former IFL fighter and teammate Jeremy Williams.
Williams shot himself in 2007. Levens, who briefly appeared in the UFC, hadn't fought in more than a year, was not under contract to any MMA organization and was currently serving a suspension for testing positive for the painkiller oxymorphone.

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