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Andrei Arlovski: Fedor Emelianenko Lost His Sambo Match, He's Human

As Andrei Arlovski gets ready to take on Fedor Emelianenko at Affliction: Day of Reckoning, he says he's not buying into the mystique of Fedor as unbeatable:

"A couple weeks ago he lost his sambo match," Arlovski says on this week's episode of Inside MMA on HDNet. "He says it's just a hobby for him, but come on, let's be serious. He's just a human. Yeah, he's probably a little bit better -- he's unbeatable for like seven years. But he's a human."

Obviously, Arlovski is right that Fedor is beatable, because every athlete in every sport is beatable. But I'm just not convinced that losing that sambo match means anything at all. And I doubt Arlovski thinks it means anything, either. After all, he acknowledges that he didn't even watch Fedor's sambo match. If Arlovski really thought that sambo match exposed some weakness of Fedor's, wouldn't he have watched it by now?

Via MMA Junkie.

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