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UFC 92 Video: Rashad Evans: 'I Won't Stand in Front of Forrest Griffin Like Rampage'

Rashad Evans discusses his upcoming light heavyweight title fight with Forrest Griffin at UFC 92:

"The way I see us matching up, I think he's definitely going to have problems with me. I'm not the fighter who's going to stand right in front of him like Rampage Jackson, and I'm not going to be anything like how Shogun Rua fights."

Evans also said he's not worried about leg kicks, which Griffin used to hurt Rampage. And although Evans has never used a submission to win a fight (he has two submission wins, but both were submissions from strikes), he says that's going to change against Griffin.

"I've got a knockout from a kick (against Sean Salmon), I've got a knockout from an overhand (against Chuck Liddell), now I'm looking to get a submission so that way I'll have the all around game," he said.

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