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Olympic judo gold medalist Satoshi Ishii eyes UFC

After all the speculation as to where Satoshi Ishii would go -- DREAM or Sengoku -- it turns out the Olympic judo gold medalist wants to join the UFC.

Ishii said Wednesday after a training session that he has decided he wants to start his MMA career in the US. Ishii initially decided on DREAM but has changed his mind because he couldn't give up his dream to fight in the UFC.

"I finally made up my mind," Ishii said, according to Nikkansports. "The UFC is where I [want to] fight."

Ishii has yet to debut in MMA but he's banking on his credentials to land a fight in the biggest MMA promotion in the world.

"If I was an unknown judoka, I would definitely build up my MMA experience in Japan first," Ishii continued. "However, I've decided to use my title as a Judo gold medalist. I believe my name value will attract the UFC. I'm sorry that my indecisive behavior confused the DREAM staff and fans.

He understands that the UFC won't easily give out an opportunity to fighters who don't have much experience in MMA.

"I'm a white belt in MMA," Ishii said. "I understand the possibility of starting in the WEC."

There is currently no heavyweight division in the WEC, but it is not inconceivable the UFC would not bring him in considering current UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar joined the UFC with only one fight under his belt.

Ishii plans on going to the US first before contacting the UFC. He intends on going to Coconut Creek, Florida in March to train with the American Top Team.

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