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UFC 92: Ring or Octagon, Wanderlei Silva and Rampage Jackson Just Want to Fight

Despite the presence of two title fights on the UFC 92 card, the fight that fans are most looking forward to (at least, the fans I hear from) is the undercard match between Wanderlei Silva and Rampage Jackson. That's no surprise, considering how great it's been when they were in the ring in the past:

Silva beat Jackson twice in the Japanese Pride Fighting Championships, and when Jackson was asked today whether he's made changes as he prepares for their third fight, he said, "The first two times didn't work, so I'd be an idiot to have the same strategy as the first two times."

But Jackson said that while he's changing his approach, he doesn't expect much to be different in the UFC Octagon and under UFC rules than it was when they fought in the ring under Pride rules.

"Wanderlei is a warrior," Jackson said. "I'll fight Wanderlei in a phone booth if I have to. What the rules are doesn't matter. I like some of the Pride rules and I like the UFC rules. I wish we could mix them up. But I'm just ready to do what's in the rules and have a good fight."

Silva agreed.

"The rules don't matter because fighting is fighting," Silva said. "I'm so excited to fight him here. I'm planning to get the Fight of the Night because I'm going to give my best and he's going to give his best and we're going to win that award."

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