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UFC 92: Rashad, Forrest, Wanderlei, Rampage All Expect a Striking Display

The four light heavyweights on the UFC 92 card agree on one thing about their fights on December 27: They're ready to stand and bang.

On a call to promote the UFC show today, I asked Rashad Evans, who will challenge light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin, how he has made the transition from college wrestler to professional mixed martial artist, and he said working on his striking is the most important thing.

"Wrestling is a good foundation for me because I think in every fight there's a point where you lock up with somebody," Evans said. "But now fighters are more well rounded and I'm going to need more than just wrestling to get to the next level. The next step for me is to work on getting my striking to where it's just outstanding and no one can deal with it."

In follow-up questions, Griffin had similar comments about the importance of striking, as did Rampage Jackson and Wanderlei Silva, who will battle on the undercard. And all four fighters said they expect the fans to see an impressive striking display next Saturday.

"When you get in the Octagon, you don't start on your knees and have jiu jitsu practice," Rampage said. "You start on your feet and you have to start with striking. I'm a wrestler, but I like striking more than I like wrestling."

Both Silva and Griffin said they're looking forward to having stand-up fights in part because that's what the fans like.

"It's very, very important," Silva said of standing and striking. "I love to fight stand-up. It's so important for the show. Fighters need to train for all techniques, but striking is better for the show."

Added Griffin, "People like to see striking."

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