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Seth Petruzelli Wants to Fight Kimbo Slice Again, Wants You to Know He's Not Gay

Seth Petruzelli ended the Kimbo Slice mystique with a 14-second knockout in October, and he contributed to the end of EliteXC when he suggested afterward that officials with the organization tried to manipulate the outcome. Now he wants everyone to know that he'd like a rematch with Kimbo. Oh, and he's not gay:

"It's all about if he agrees to it," Petruzelli said of a rematch. "I already agreed to it, I already agreed to what money I would need to do it, and it's just up to his camp now. I think the exact same thing will happen, if not that fast. If I didn't want to stand up with him I know I could take him down and just ground and pound him the entire three rounds. If not that, then I would just definitely go for the knockout again. It might not be as fast, but I know I would win the fight again."

I agree with Petruzelli that he'd beat Kimbo again if they fought again, but I hope he's not counting on it happening. Kimbo is still the bigger star by a wide margin and has approximately zero incentive to agree to fight Petruzelli.

As for their first fight, Petruzelli said he knew he'd win as soon as he found out he was fighting Kimbo.

"He was 4-0, but it's ridiculous," Petruzelli said. "He had a bunch of street fights. I've been doing martial arts my whole life. ... I was just a better all around fighter and people that saw him on the Internet thought he was the ring, but it proves it wrong when somebody who's actually trained in MMA comes and fights for real."

That's a reasonable enough comment, and then Petruzelli says this: "To all the people that were talking after the fight, I'm not gay. I have a wife. I'm happily married for two years now. The pink hair was for breast cancer awareness month."

Duly noted.

Via Fighters Only.

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