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Sengoku open to Akiyama but may lose out to UFC

Yoshihiro Akiyama's next stop appears to either be with the UFC or World Victory Road's "Sengoku" -- if the popular fighter and FEG do not reconcile.

Takahiro Kuniyasu, a spokesperson for World Victory Road, commented on Akiyama's free agency on Sunday at the "VIVA JUDO" event at the Yoshida Judo School at the Nippon Sport Science University.

"He's an attractive fighter for us," Kuniyasu said. "If he contacts us soon, we will consider offering him a fight on Jan. 4. However, I heard he wanted to fight in the UFC."

Kuniyasu said he has not and does not plan on approaching Akiyama for the Jan. 4 "Sengoku no Ran" show.

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