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Hidehiko Yoshida says, "I can move quicker than before."

Hidehiko Yoshida held an event "VIVA JUDO" at Nippon Sport Science University, Tokyo on December 14. After teaching judo to kids, he told the press about his current condition.

Hidehiko Yoshida:
"My conditioning is going well. I only need to lose 5 to 6 kg in 3 weeks, so I can easily make weight. I'm especially losing fat around my stomach, and now I can move quicker than before. I don't ware 'gi' this time."

Makoto Takimoto also attended the event as an instructor. He said, "I definitely accept any offer from Sengoku even if it's in the last minute." He hopes to remain in 83 kg weight class, yet WVR Takahiro Kuniyasu is currently requesting him to move down to 76 kg weight class.

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