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Frank Mir: Congratulations to Kimbo Slice for Making All That Money by Beating Up Bums

When I talked to Frank Mir last week, one of the subjects that came up was the fact that Mir has one thing in common with Kimbo Slice: They both beat Tank Abbott in less than a minute. Here's Mir beating Abbott at UFC 41 in 2003:

Mir told me he thought it was ridiculous when EliteXC tried to make a big deal out of it when Kimbo beat Tank: "You have a guy who's not even a real fighter, who just beat up bums, and you're going to put all your eggs in his basket? Guys like the Shaws, saying he's a great striker, that's an insult to the rest of the heavyweight division, to all the great strikers like Andrei Arlovski."

But Mir added that he doesn't have anything personal against Kimbo -- he just objects to the hype that surrounded him.

"I have no hatred for the guy," Mir said of Kimbo. "If I saw him, I'd say congratulations on making all that money. Make your money how you can. ... But if you saw the Seth Petruzelli fight, you saw that he doesn't have a chin. You blow on him and he falls over."

After the jump, see Kimbo's fight with Tank Abbott.

Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott:

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