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Ultimate Fighter Finale: Junie Browning Submits David Kaplan

The ultimate bad boy on The Ultimate Fighter, Junie Browning, won his first official fight in the Octagon, defeating Dave Kaplan tonight at the Ultimate Fighter Finale.

Just seconds into the fight, Browning landed an unintentional kick to Kaplan's groin. After that, Browning showed some impressive stand-up skills, landing punches and kicks, as well as a flying knee. Browning slipped while throwing a kick and the fight went to the ground, and for a moment Kaplan appeared to have him in trouble. But Browning showed great flexibility in getting out of a submission attempt and getting into advantageous position. It was a very good first round of fighting.

In the second round they went to the ground quickly, and Browning out-worked Kaplan, eventually landing an arm bar and forcing Kaplan to tap out.

While he lived in the Ultimate Fighter house, Browning got drunk, picked fights and generally acted like a jerk. Browning was described in the introduction to tonight's show as the most controversial participant in the history of The Ultimate Fighter, and while he was undoubtedly good for the show's ratings, many MMA fans think he's bad for the sport's reputation. Most of the fans in attendance booed when Browning was introduced.

But he showed during the fight that he's been taking his training seriously, and he showed after the fight that he's gained a little maturity, too: He apologized to his coach, Frank Mir, and was humble and classy in his post-fight interview in the Octagon.

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