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Efrain Escudero Is The Ultimate Fighter, Beats Phillipe Nover in Lightweight Finale

Efrain Escudero won the lightweight tournament of Season 8 of The Ultimate Fighter, beating Phillipe Nover by unanimous decision in tonight's Ultimate Fighter Finale.

Escudero had Nover in trouble early, landing some good strikes and getting Nover's back on the ground. It was a first round that showcased both fighters' talents, and a first round that Escudero won handily.

In the second, Escudero took the fight to the ground immediately and established side control. The fighters soon stood back up, but Escudero looked like the stronger man, and he used his superior wrestling ability to control the round.

Nover landed a good right hand early in the third, but Escudero took him down again. Then they stood back up, Nover threw a knee, and Escudero took him down again. It was a textbook example of the way a fighter with superior wrestling skills can take advantage of those skills.

Late in the third, however, Nover got Escudero in a bad spot and almost submitted him with an omoplata shoulder lock. But Escudero fought him off and survived a flurry at the end of the fight.

Nover has been described as the next Anderson Silva, and he may some day be a top-notch lightweight. But tonight Escudero was the better fighter, and he walked out of the Octagon as The Ultimate Fighter.

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