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Shinya Aoki wants Yoshihiro Akiyama to leave DREAM

After the conference by FEG in Tokyo on December 11, Shinya Aoki and Sadaharu Tanikawa answered questions from the press. Sportsnavi reported their comments.

Shinya Aoki:
"I would like to thank DREAM for arranging a fight with Eddie Alvarez. I will put all I have to make it very exciting fight. Regarding Yoshihiro Akiyama, he ran away from me. I had a feeling that Akiyama won't fight me though. I accept one who comes to me, and don't chase the one who leaves. If Akiyama asks me to fight someday, I'll accept his offer. However, I personally don't want to see him in DREAM again. If I am a promoter, I will definitely kick him out from the event."

Sadaharu Tanikawa:
"MMA is not as popular as before in Japan anymore. To get MMA fans back, we need supports of every single popular fighters in Dynamite on NYE. I had been supportive even though he caused me a big trouble 2 years ago. I suppose he forgot what he did, and doesn't appreciate my support."

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