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K-1 Dynamite: Jerome LeBanner-Mark Hunt, Shinya Aoki-Eddie Alvarez on New Year's Eve

The New Year's Eve K-1 Dynamite mixed martial arts and kickboxing show has added two big MMA fights: Jerome LeBanner vs. Mark Hunt and Shinya Aoki vs. Eddie Alvarez.

Both LeBanner and Hunt are more accomplished as kickboxers than as mixed martial artists, but their heavyweight battle will apparently be conducted under MMA rules, not K-1 rules. It should be a good fight.

And Aoki vs. Alvarez should be a great fight. It's the fight that was supposed to happen as the final of this year's Dream Lightweight Grand Prix, until an eye injury suffered by Alvarez kept him out of the final. MMA fans have been clamoring for Aoki and Alvarez to get into the ring together ever since, and now Dream has officially announced that the fight will happen. With Joachim Hansen vs. JZ Calvan also scheduled for Dynamite, this card has two great lightweight fights.

(Via Fight Opinion)

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