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Fight for the Troops: Good Show, Good Cause, Nasty Endings for Yoshida, Hill, Al-Hassan

The Ultimate Fighting Championship's Fight for the Troops event last night was a good show for a good cause, and the UFC deserves to be commended for putting it on. But it also must be said that the show was marred by nasty endings to three of the 10 fights.

The worst of the three didn't make the TV broadcast. During an undercard fight, Corey Hill kicked Dale Hartt, and when Hill's shin connected, it snapped. It's one of the most horrific injuries I've seen, and I worry that the tall and lanky Hill -- a fighter I've always liked -- may never fight again. has the video, but I urge you not to watch it if you're squeamish. It's really disgusting.

The second was a nasty arm injury suffered by Razak Al-Hassan, who inexplicably didn't tap out when Steve Cantwell got him in an arm bar. Al-Hassan's arm bent in a way that arms are not supposed to bend.

And the third was Josh Koscheck's knockout punch of Yoshiyuki Yoshida in the main event. Yoshida was out cold, and according to the UFC, he was carried out of the Octagon on a stretcher and then treated and released at a hospital.

Zach Arnold writes that more information should have been given during the TV broadcast about the injured fighters' condition, and I agree. MMA is a safer sport than boxing or football, but competitors do get injured sometimes, and when those injuries happen, we need to deal with them head-on, and not just close our eyes to them.

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