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Aoki-Alvarez, Hunt-LeBanner added to 'Dynamite'

Shinya Aoki will fight Eddie Alvarez at "FieLDS Dynamite!!" in a meeting between the two "true" finalists for the 2008 DREAM Lightweight Grand Prix.

Aoki vs. Alvarez was one of two MMA bouts announced today at a news conference in Toyko for the New Year's Eve event.

Aoki and Alvarez would have met at DREAM.5 but Alvarez sustained an eye injury in his win earlier that night against Tatsuya Kawajiri. This led Joachim Hansen, who won the reserve bout, to step in for Alvarez and TKO Aoki to become the DREAM Lightweight Grand Prix champion.

The other fight is a matchup between two K-1 fighters battling under MMA rules. Jerome LeBanner will fight Mark Hunt.

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