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'UFC Fight for the Troops' Preview

UFC Fight for the Troops will come to us live Wednesday from the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, NC. The event will air for free on Spike TV. The best part?

It's for America's military men and women.

The event will raise funds for the building of a hospital for those military men and women that suffer from brain injuries. Thousands of soldiers from Fort Bragg will be in attendance.

Great idea by the UFC! No one deserves our help more than those fighting to keep our country safe. Now onto the fights.

Josh Koscheck (11-3) vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida (10-2): Josh Koscheck is one of the best wrestlers in the entire UFC, let alone the welterweight division. He's an outstanding athlete and as explosive with takedowns as they come, save Georges St. Pierre. What's more, his stand up skills have improved to the point that he's better than average on his feet with excellent power in both his legs and hands.

Koscheck really isn't a devastating submission fighter. In other words, even if he is very difficult to submit?it's never been done before, in fact? when he does submit someone it's almost always via rear naked choke. So he doesn't appear to have a diverse submission arsenal.

Yoshiyuki Yoshida possesses outstanding throws and ground control skills. Further, his ground and pound is strong, as his six victories by way of (T)KO can attest to. Yoshida's striking is also solid. In terms of submissions, Yoshida proved strong against War Machine in his last outing, a first round victory by way of Anaconda Choke.

Prediction: Yoshida has outstanding throws and can be devastating with his takedowns. However, Koscheck is a wrestler who won't be put on his back for any length of time easily. If Yoshida can stay on top for any length of time, this will be his fight. But guess is that Koscheck will dictate where this fight takes place due to his superior takedowns and takedown defense. On his feet and on his back, Yoshida is likely going to find the going tough.

People will walk away from this fight impressed by Yoshida's toughness and skills, even though Koscheck will probably ground and pound his way to an impressive win, helping to erase the memory of his loss to Thiago Alves.

Josh Koscheck wins by way of unanimous decision.

Matt Wiman (10-3) vs. Jim Miller (12-1): Matt Wiman is a big, strong lightweight that hits hard and has solid jiu jitsu and submission skills. In his last fight against Thiago Tavares, he served notice to the lightweight division that he's a valid threat.

Jim Miller has strong takedowns and takedown defense, as he's a former Division 1 wrestler. That said, his bread and butter are his jiu jitsu and submission skills, which are stellar. From a stand up perspective, Miller is solid.

Prediction: Miller is a late replacement for Frank Edgar so you have to wonder if he was in shape to fight in the first place. Guess is, though, that he was as he's that kind of guy.

If both fighters are operating at full boar, Miller is the better jiu jitsu guy. On the feet, Wiman may be more dangerous. But the guess here is that Miller will bring this fight to the ground at some point and exert his will.

Jim Miller wins via second round submission.

Mike Swick (12-2) vs. Jonathan Goulet (22-9): Jonathan Goulet is good at everything: Submissions, wrestling, and striking are all in his repertoire. Heck, he's even tough.

On the flip side, Goulet isn't necessarily dominant at any one thing he does.

Mike Swick has solid jiu jitsu and takedown defense. However, he's best known for his striking skills and outstanding reach. In the end, Swick can control a fight on his feet or end it violently and quickly there.

Prediction: At middleweight, Swick was controlled by a stronger wrestler in Yushin Okami. But this fight is at welterweight, where Swick proved able to use his reach and takedown defense in decision victories over Josh Burkman and Marcus Davis. Guess is that the same will happen against Jonathan Goulet.

Mike Swick wins via unanimous decision.

Steve Cantwell (6-1) vs. Razak Al-Hussan (6-0): Steve Cantwell comes over to the UFC after defeating Brian Stann to take the WEC's light heavyweight belt in his last fight. With the WEC shedding some of the higher weight classes, Cantwell unfortunately has a long way to go before getting a chance at a UFC belt.

Still, he's proven to be a tough guy with excellent striking skills and power (3 (T)KO's to his credit). Further, he has solid takedowns, takedown defense, and even submission skills.

Little is known about Razak Al-Hussan other than the fact that he's undefeated in smaller market venues. Further, he seems to have excellent submission skills, having won four of his six fights by way of submission.

Prediction: Everyone knows that a fighter's first UFC fight is usually one that brings out a lot of nerves. Cantwell has already fought in the WEC so he knows how it feels to be on national television. Al-Hussan, on the other hand, doesn't have the same kind of media experience, nor has he been in there with the same quality of fighters as Cantwell. Expect Cantwell to keep this fight standing and impress UFC fans with his power.

Steve Cantwell wins via TKO in round one.


Tim Credeur (10-2) vs. Nate Loughran (9-0): Both of these guys are outstanding submission fighters. Credeur has already proven his toughness on a big stage. Still, I've got a feeling Loughran's jiu jitsu and athleticism will find a way to win out here.

Nate Loughran wins via TKO (strikes) in round three.

Luigi Fioravanti (13-4) vs. Brodie Farber (13-4): Farber is coming off of a devastating knockout at the hands of Rory Markham. Fioravanti is a good striker.

Luigi Fioravanti wins via TKO in round two.

Steve Bruno (11-4) vs. Johnny Rees (10-1): Bruno has been in there against solid fighters in the past and has never been submitted, which is Rees' specialty.

Steve Bruno wins via unanimous decision.

Ben Saunders (6-0-2) vs. Brandon Wolff (7-2): Anybody that looks as happy as Saunders does when he's fighting is probably good at it.

Ben Saunders wins via TKO in round two.

Corey Hill (2-1) vs. Dale Hartt (5-1): If the fight stays standing, Hill and his ridiculous reach will win. If not, Hartt will.

Corey Hill wins via TKO in round two.

Eddie Sanchez (8-2) vs. Justin McCully (8-4-2): Tough call.

Eddie Sanchez wins via unanimous decision.

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