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UFC Fight for the Troops: Josh Koscheck, Yoshiyuki Yoshida Both Eye Title Shots

Josh Koscheck and Yoshiyuki Yoshida, who will meet in the main event of Wednesday night's UFC Fight for the Troops, both think they deserve to be talked about in the welterweight title picture:

"If I get to win this fight, of course, I think it's going to put me in line to be considered to fight the welterweight champion," Yoshida said.

Added Koscheck, "I'm trying to get back on the winning track and get my name back up there as being mentioned as the No. 1 contender in this weight class."

Koscheck is the higher ranked fighter now, although he's lost to both champion Georges St. Pierre and No. 1 contender Thiago Alves, so he'd have to win two or three more fights before anyone would consider him a title contender.

For Yoshida, a win over Koscheck would make him a top 10 welterweight, but he, too, needs two or three more wins before the UFC would offer him a title fight.

And considering that St. Pierre still has to defend his title against B.J. Penn before the winner can fight Alves, it's going to be a while before anyone else is in the welterweight title mix. So while I wouldn't rule out one of these guys fighting for the welterweight title, it wouldn't happen until 2010.

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