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Marc Ecko Enterprises not in talks to buy EliteXC

Marc Ecko Enterprises (MEE) is not among the groups bidding for ProElite's assets.

"Marc Ecko Enterprises is not bidding on ProElite, and has not entered into any talks to acquire the company," Laurie Baker, VP of Communications for MEE, told on Monday.

MMA apparel company Guillotine reported Friday on its website that Marc Ecko Enterprises was the leading bidder for ProElite.

Baker said that while the Marc Ecko Enterprises is not interested in fight promotion, they're "committed to the sport overall and will continue to invest in fighters and apparel."

Mark Ecko Enterprises began sponsoring MMA fighters the past year and has gone on to sell MMA fight shorts, shirts and hoodies. The company reported sales of over $1.5 billion in global retail sales in 2007.

This leaves a group of investors led by former King of the Cage owner Terry Trebilcock as the only known bidder for ProElite.

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