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Kimbo Slice: 'I Love the City of Japan'

Kimbo Slice made his debut as a TV announcer on Saturday, working on the English language feed of the K-1 broadcast from Japan. Here's his inauspicious start:

He began by saying, "First of all, I love the city of Japan," and it didn't get much better from there. I post this not to make fun of Kimbo (OK, maybe a little), but to make a point about Kimbo's contractual status with K-1 and EliteXC.

K-1 signed Kimbo as a TV announcer, but verbal gaffes like that serve as a reminder that he was not hired because K-1 actually wants him to work as a commentator. He was hired because K-1 wants him as a fighter.

But since Kimbo is still in contractual limbo with EliteXC, K-1 signed him as a commentator to get him on board in some capacity while he continues to navigate his contractual mess. Eventually, I expect to see Kimbo in the ring in K-1, and not in front of the microphone.

Video via MMA Mania.

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