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Penalty awaits Badr Hari for disqualification

K-1 World Grand Prix 2008 runner-up Badr Hari is expected to receive a punishment for his unsportsmanlike action that led to his disqualification loss on Saturday at the tournament final.

FEG event producer Sadaharu Tanikawa says he will determine a punishment for Hari with K-1 rules director Nobaki Kakuda.

"K-1 is a sport, K-1 is not street fighting," Tanikawa said Sunday, according to the K-1 website. "We had the same problem with Bob Sapp in the past, and it's unfortunate it happened again yesterday. I was sitting ringside with Masato, and he was very angry with Hari's actions. This morning in the newspapers I read Hari's comments, he seemed unapologetic, and that is disappointing. We have rules, to fight in K-1 you must have a professional attitude."

2008 K-1 World GP winner Remy Bonjasky, who woke up with double vision after getting knocked down and stomped by Hari, suggests that Hari should be hit in his pocketbook.

"It's not me who has to decide what sort of penalty he's going to get, but I think he needs to be punished where it will hurt most, which is financially," Bonjasky said. "I think he will not do it again if he's punished financially."

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