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'Semtex' Daley possible for Affliction 2, Sengoku 7

Paul "Semtex" Daley revealed Friday that his next fight will likely be at either Affliction or Sengoku's next respective show in January.

"I'll probably fight in January," Daley said after his win Friday. "I'm not sure where, [but] probably Sengoku in Japan or Affliction in California."

Fighting in Canada's Maximum Fighting Championships, Daley improved to 19-7-2 with a TKO win via referee stoppage against Xtreme Couture's John Alessio. Daley warded off Alessio's takedown attempts and dispatched of the WEC and UFC veteran in the second round with a headkick and followed by strikes.

Daley, the former Cage Rage welterweight World and British champ, entered the fight coming off the biggest fight of his career -- a loss on CBS to Jake Shields at EliteXC "Heat" on Oct. 4.

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