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MFC 19 'Long Time Coming' Recap

Maximum Fighting Championship 19: Long Time Coming came to us all live from River Cree Resort and Casino in Enoch Alberta, Canada. Many believed that this would be the best card the MFC had ever put on coming in. For reinforcement...

Years ago, welterweight John Alessio nearly took out a fighter by the name of Diego Sanchez while competing in the UFC. Now he would get his chance against the super striking Paul Daley. Unfortunately, Daley didn't make weight, so the bout was fought at a catch weight. On the other hand, MFC Light Heavyweight Champion Roger Hollett was set to make his first title defense since going through major knee surgery against Emanuel Newton, a fighter that was on a big time winning streak.

Get ready, get set, go!

Before his fight against Jason Kuchera, Aron Lofton said, "I'm going to come out, use my game plan? jab jab? and try to smash his face." This was a rematch of an earlier bout where Kuchera was bloodied pretty badly.

Early in the fight, Lofton connected with some nice jabs before they clinched. From there, the two momentarily hit the canvas. As they got up, Kuchera found himself in a standing guillotine. Lofton sunk it in tight and that was that.

Aron Lofton wins by guillotine choke after 24 seconds had gone by in the first round.

Before his fight against Colby Snyder, Josh Russell said, "it's going to finish with me either choking him out or twisting his arm off." On the other hand, Snyder wanted to keep the fight standing so he could show off his Muay Thai background.

A classic striker vs. grappler match up here.

Russell took Snyder down quickly and achieved side control. Then he took his opponent's back. Then he flattened him out with his hooks in and started to hit home with punches to Snyder's face. Then came the rear naked choke.

End of story.

Josh Russell wins via rear naked choke at 1:44 of round one.

Miletich fighter Mike Sorensen took on Ryan Machan, a man that had won five straight and all of the MFC bouts he had partaken in, in the next match up. Sorensen, like Daley, didn't make weight before this one. Thus, the fight went off at a catch weight.

Sorensen connected with a nice punch before the two clinched. While scrambling, Machan took Sorensen's back while on their feet. From there, Sorensen tried to slam him off of him, but that only served to leave the fight in the same position on the canvas. Machan then started to work for the choke. This went on for a very long time until Machan ended up actually attempting a Camel Clutch of sorts (was it the Iron Sheik who first did that?) before finally sinking in the rear naked choke just before the bell.

Ryan Machan wins via rear naked choke at 4:54 of round one.

"His ground game, I believe, is on bottom (while) mine's on top. It's whoever's gonna be better," said Joey Gorcyzynski before taking on Kyle Sandford. On the other hand, Sandford thought this fight would be more about striking and stand up.

Who was right, who was wrong? Let's find out.

After a couple of nowhere near hitting the mark front kicks by Sandford early in the first, Gorcyzynski took him down. Besides picking his opponent up and slamming him, Gorcyzynski was unable to do much. In fact, Sandford eventually managed to take his opponent's back where he softened him up with strikes for a while and then flattened him out. Unfortunately for Sandford, he then connected with shots to the back of the head, prompting the referee to stand them up. Before the bell, Gorcyznski took his opponent down and connected with a couple of nice shots.

Still, Sandford did more and took the stanza.

Early in the second, Gorcyzynski took his opponent down again, this time unwilling to just sit in his guard. After attempting to gain side control, he stood up, went for a couple of punches, and allowed his opponent up. Nearly the same thing happened again moments later after another Gorcyzynski takedown.

Then came another Gorcyzynski takedown. From there, Sandford kept an active guard, clearly looking for submissions. That said, Gorcyzysnki hit home with some nice elbows and was more active than the first round. Toward the end of the stanza, Sandford turned the tables on his opponent and took his back. Then came the bell.

Gorcyzynski probably took that stanza despite what Sandford did at the end of it. The final round should decide things.

Near the beginning of the final stanza, Sandford fell to the ground, possibly hoping that Gorcyzysnki would follow him there. Rather, Gorcyzysnki decided to connect with a couple of the hardest punches of the fight from a standing position. For the majority of the rest of the stanza, Gorcyzysnki controlled things by taking Sandford down repeatedly and connecting with ground and pound. However, nearing the end of the fight Sandford took his opponent's back and began connecting with shot after shot on his adversary before the bell.

On one hand, Gorcyzysnki was the better fighter for the majority of this fight. On the other, he was in big trouble at the close of the final two rounds. Think you have to give it to Gorcyzysnki on points.

John Sandford wins in a split decision. This wasn't a terrible call, as Sandford did come through at the end of the final two stanzas. Still, Gorcyzysnki probably should've taken it.

Ariel Sexton
said that Derrick Noble had "heavy hands," coming into the next fight. Still, that didn't stop him from indicating he would win by stoppage in the first round. On the other hand, Derrick Noble felt that he would be the bigger and stronger fighter coming in.

Sexton landed a nice body kick early on but then sustained a couple of punches to the body by Noble. From there, Noble began to connect with solid punches in spots before a right by Sexton dropped him for a brief moment (may have been a slip). Both fighters got back to their feet and Noble continued to look more adept on his feet, nailing Sexton with a right hook. Later in the round, Noble connected with a big right and then a knee before following up with a lot of shots. Then came the bell.

Sexton showed some heart in a solid round. But Noble clearly won the initial stanza.

The second saw Sexton come out like gangbusters, throwing down hard and being aggressive. On the flip side, Noble really threw down himself. It was exciting. But then Sexton finally shot in for the takedown. Unfortunately for him, Noble was waiting for it and sunk in the guillotine as he went to his guard.

A very good fight while it lasted.

Derrick Noble wins via guillotine choke at 1:30 of round two.

Next up was one of the big fights between Paul Daley and John Alessio. "I'm gonna finish the fight by KO," predicted Daley, if Alessio decided to stand up with him. Maybe. The question? Would Alessio decide to do that?

Alessio shot in for a takedown early on and ate a knee for his efforts. At a distance, Daley looked satisfied to connect with low kicks in the initial stages. Soon after, Alessio shot in again. After a long struggle, he finally achieved what he was looking for, putting Daley on his back. Daley eventually got up, but was pressed into the corner. However, Daley connected with a nice head kick that was partially blocked moments later. With only seconds left, Daley actually took his opponent down.

Give the round to Daley by a smidge after that last takedown. Alessio didn't do much in the top position, even if he held it for a long time.

The two traded strikes before Alessio shot in early in the second. Then came another long takedown attempt that eventually bore fruit for Alessio. However, the fruit was short-lived as Daley got right back up. Tired for his failed attempt, Alessio got nailed with a knee inside. Soon after, Daley connected with a hard left and followed it up with some blows. Then came a kick that hit home at the knee and sent Alessio to the canvas. A couple of punches later and it was all over.

Impressive performance by Paul Daley.

Paul Daley wins via TKO at 2:18 of round two.

Finally came the main event between Emanuel Newton and Roger Hollett. "I've been training my takedown defense," said Hollett, a man that believed Newton would look to take the fight to the canvas.

The first round was rather uneventful. Hollett connected with a couple of nice blows. Still, Newton was the one who threw far more strikes and because of this should take the round easily (even if none of the shots did much).

After connecting with some nice body kicks early in the round, Newton took his opponent down. For the rest of the stanza, Newton connected with ground and pound in spots. Though Hollett hit home with some elbows from his back, it wasn't enough to net him the stanza.

The third drew some boos from the crowd. I don't like boos; then again, it was another uneventful round where Newton was busier and therefore probably took it. In the end, the champion may need a stoppage in order to win here.

Hollett threw a kick early in the third and it was caught by Newton. He was then deposited on the ground and started to accept some decent ground and pound from adversary. Soon after, Newton started connecting with some decent elbows on the ground. Then a lack of action caused the referee to stand the two up.

But moments later, Newton took advantage of a momentarily aggressive Hollett, taking him down with a slam. Hollett tried for an armbar. It was a decent attempt, but fell by the wayside. After a lack of action, the fight was brought to their feet by the referee once more. Newton connected with kicks and punches before the bell.

Hollett has to stop Newton or he will lose the fight. His corner actually told him that he wasn't even throwing punches between rounds. At least it was honest advice.

The fifth stanza saw Hollett get taken down once again. Newton didn't do much, though, so the referee brought them to their feet again. The rest of the fight saw some trading.

Then the bell.

If Emanuel Newton doesn't win this one, well, that would be ridiculous.

The judges agreed.

Emanuel Newton wins via unanimous decision.

In the end, MFC 19 was a fun night of fights for the most part. Aron Lofton was impressive, and Derrick Noble looked good in a fight of the night candidate against a very game Ariel Sexton. Paul Daley was also impressive against John Alessio in what amounted to a TKO victory. That said, the Newton- Hollett fight was rather uneventful, which was unfortunate. Still, Newton fought the fight he needed to in order to take the belt.

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