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Liddell: 4th fight vs. Couture 'doesn't make sense'

Chuck Liddell in a fourth fight against Randy Couture? Not so fast.

"I really don't know of any of the rumor of me and Randy fighting in June," Liddell said in a recent interview with Fighters Only Magazine. "No one said a word to me, and I don't want to wait till June to fight."

The UK newspaper Sun reported last month that Liddell had been offered a main event heavyweight fight against Couture at a June 13 show in Cologne, Germany.

Liddell continued, "We'll see what happens, we'll have to talk to Dana about that and see what the plans are, but I haven't heard anything about it. I don't know where it came from or who was talking about it. To me at this point, it doesn't make sense."

Liddell also knocked down a rumor of him fighting Anderson Silva in February, saying a he won't return until sometime in March or April.

Liddell (21-6) lost the first meeting at UFC 43 in June 2003 by TKO but returned to knockout Couture (16-9) twice at UFC 52 in April 2005 and UFC 57 in February 2006.

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