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WEC 37 'Torres vs. Tapia' Results

Results from WEC 37: Torres vs. Tapia.

1. Shane Roller def. Mike Budnik via submission (guillotine choke) - R1 (1:01)

2. Cub Swanson def. Hirouki Takaya via unanimous decision

3. Bart Palaszewski def. Alex Karalexis via TKO (strikes) - R2 (1:11)

4. Diego Nunes ef. Cole Province via unanimous decision

5. Mark Munoz def. Ricardo Barros via TKO (strikes) - R1 (2:26)

6. Johny Hendricks def. Justin Haskins via TKO (strikes) - R2 (0:52)

7. Joseph Benavidez def. Danny Martinez via unanimous decision

8. Brian Bowles def. Will Ribeiro via submission (guillotine choke) - R3 (1:11)

9. Wagnney Fabiano def. Akitoshi Tamura via submission (head-arm choke) - R3 (4:48)

10. Miguel Torres def. Manny Tapia via TKO (strikes) - R2 (3:04)


R1: They tie up and Martinez reaches for a takedown. Benavidez defends and pushes him off. Benavidez shoves Martinez off with a nice front kick. Benavidez moves in with a punch combo and Martinez shoots. Benavidez sprawls and he's eventually pushed away. Benavidez connects on a punch. Benavidez throws some more punches but Martinez clinches. Benadvidez throws another punch combo. Benavidez moves in with punches. Martinez gets the takedown but Benavidez stands up shortly. Martinez has Benavidez's back and Benavidez escapes with a spinning backfist that misses. Benavidez throws high kicks that are blocked. Benavidez throws another punch combo to clinch. Benavidez gets a beautiful hip toss right into the scarf position.

R2: Benavidez with kicks. Benavidez again moves in with punches into clinch. Benavidez is making Martinez uncomfortable with punch combinations. Martinez throws an occasional jab but he's not able to follow up. Benavidez shoots with less than a minute. Martinez has a front headlock and they drop down. Benavidez gets back to his feet.

R3: Benavidez with front kicks to keep distance, but when he's in range, he's landing quick shots. Martinez misses on his flurry of the fight. Martinez goes for a single-leg but Benavidez escapes. Benavidez throws a flying knee. Benavidez is getting way comfortable with his striking. Martinez goes for the kill with a minute left, but Benavidez effectively dodges almost all the shots.

Benavidez wins the unanimous decision. All judges scored the fight 30-27.


R1:Ribeiro throws a spinning backkick Bowles moves forward and connects with a punch combo. They clinch. They trade. Ribeiro lands on the backkick. Ribeiro shoots and takes down Bowles. Bowles has a guillotine and keeps it while in full mount. Ribeiro fights out of it. Bowles tries to take Ribeiro's back. Bowles ends up in Ribeiro's guard. Bowles sticks in short elbows to close the round.

R2: Bowles catches a kick and tries to hop up and take Ribeiro's back. Bowles falls to his back. Bowles stands up. Ribeiro punches and throws another backkick that connects on the fence. Bowles shoots and dumps Ribeiro. Bowles works from halfguard, punching Ribeiro. The ref stands them up with 27 seconds left. The trade and Ribeiro lands the shots. Bowles shoots and takes Ribeiro down.

R3: Ribeiro shoots,gets it but he sinks right into a guillotine. Bowles again rolls him over to mount and Ribeiro taps.

Bowles wins via submission - R3 (1:11)


R1:Tamura lands a knee. Fabiano comes in and Tamura is on his back. Fabiano looks to pass. It takes him awhile but he gets full mount. Tamura quickly puts Fabiano into halfguard. Tamura has the lockdown. The round ends with Fabiano in Tamura's halfguard.

R2:Tamura with another knee. Fabiano lands a right. Fabiano takes Tamura down. Tamura works rubberguard into crackhead control. Tamura lets go and Fabiano advances to halfguard. They restart with 1:15 left. Tamura lands a kick. Fabiano shoots and puts Tamura down into side control. Fabiano ges full mount. Fabiano drops punches and attempts the armbar but the bell sounds.

R3: Fabiano shoots but gets caught with a guillotine. Fabiano walks the cage and takes side mount. Tamura gets on his knees but enters Fabiano's guillotine. Fabiano puts Tamura on his back. Fabiano cuts Tamura in the forehead. Fabiano gets the head arm triangle and Tamura taps.

Fabiano wins via submission


R1: Torres tags Tapia, and Tapia stumbles back. Torres putting the pressure on Tapia. Throws a double karate kick and follows with punches. Tapia's punches are blocked. Torres does a flashy front roll kick but misses. Tapia ends the round with a flurry but Torres is able to get away.

R2:Torres' jabs are too much for Tapia. Tapia catches Torres with a right. Tapia lands a jab. Torres with a flurry of punches, throws a kick and then ends it by connecting with a spinning backfist. Torres drops Tapia with a right. Tapia quickly grabs a singleleg. They are up. Torres drops Tapia again with a right. Torres is on top and finishes with punches.

Torres wins via TKO - R2

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