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Kitaoka: Fighters have overestimated Gomi

Satoru Kitaoka, who will take on Takanori Gomi at "Sengoku no Ran" on January 4, participated in a public training on Monday, sparring with Tomoni "Windy Tomomi" Sunaba and Koji Oishi at P'S LAB Yokohama.

Afterwards, Kitaoka reiterated his confidence to the press that he'll walk away with the Sengoku lightweight belt.

"I think Gomi has been overestimated [by his opponents]," Kitaoka said, according to "Fighters who fought him before just exaggerated his ability. I know it's not easy to win, but I'm for sure stronger than him regardless of his condition."

Kitaoka said he began training intensively for the fight last week, but unlike what other fighters typically say in pre-fight interviews, Sitaoka said he won't be training for the full five rounds.

"Our fight won't last to the fifth round," Kitaoka said. "It's not necessary for me to build up my stamina for this fight, because I have the confidence to win quickly by KO or submission."

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