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WEC 37: Miguel Torres, Manny Tapia Have No Trouble Getting Down to 135 Pounds

WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres will defend his title against Manny Tapia on Wednesday at WEC 37, and those who watch are going to see a tremendous battle of little guys.

How little? I asked both Torres and Tapia today whether they would have any trouble getting down to the 135-pound bantamweight limit, and both of them said cutting weight isn't the least bit difficult for them, because no matter what they eat, their bodyweights hover in the 140-pound range.

"Right now I'm walking around at 143 pounds," Torres said. "My body is really attuned with my mind, and the closer I get to the fight, the easier it is for me to make weight."

Tapia, who said his weight has stayed in the 140-143 pound range, said cutting weight is the same for him.

"My body just starts losing weight," Tapia said. "The closer to the fight, I feel stronger. ... I feel good, healthy and strong."

Torres said he had his normal Thanksgiving dinner, just six days before his fight, and that thanks to working hard, he never has to worry about tipping the scales: "I train all year round and I think my metabolism works naturally," Torres said. "My body burns a lot of fuel."

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