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Next for Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic: Not Alistair Overeem, Not Satoshi Ishii, Then Who?

We know that Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic will not have a rematch with Alistair Overeem on New Year's Eve, but what is in Cro Cop's future? This TV report sheds some light on why Cro Cop-Overeem 2 didn't pan out:

The report indicates that Cro Cop is going to fight on New Year's Eve, but not against either Overeem or the judo gold medalist Satoshi Ishii. My own feeling is that Dream/K-1 would like to match Cro Cop up with someone like Hong Man Choi for New Year's Eve, but at this point Cro Cop's future is anyone's guess.

A full translation of the above video is below.

(Translated by Robert at Fight Videos)

Golden Glory Responds to Cro Cop-Overeem Cancellation and Basement Fight

Mirko Cro Cop's last fight left us was with more questions then answers. Three unintentional knees to Mirko's groin ended a battle that he was losing. Those questions will remain unanswered, as their proposed fight at Japan's "Fields Dynamite!!" has officially been canceled by the FEG organization.

"Cro Cop is the one who doesn't want this fight. From our side everything is OK. But Cro Cop doesn't want [this fight]." said Golden Glory coach Martijn de Jong.

FEG announced the cancellation without an official explanation, only adding that for the time being this fight will not go ahead. However, it may happen at a future date.

'To be honest, I do not know that the reason is for Dream not organizing this fight. I can only speak for Alistair and he says he really wants to revenge and fight Cro Cop," said de Jong.

Cro Cop in the meantime has offered Alistair an alternative arrangement. Should the two not meet on New Year's Eve, he asked Alistair to visit him at his Zabreg basement gym where the two can meet in Mirko's cage.

De Jong laughed and replied: "Ha-ha ... I do not know, I have not heard the comments. But I think it is better to do it in an organization that will pay both fighters."

When the rematch will happen is unclear. Maybe next year, when Mirko recovers from a operation scheduled for January. A new opponent for Cro Cop will be announced in 10 days. However we can already scratch another name off the list of candidates - the current Olympic Judo gold medalist - Japanese Satoshi Ishii. Its still very unclear who the Croatian will fight.

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