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Dan Henderson: Brock Lesnar Being Champ Diminishes the Value of the UFC Belt

UFC fighter Dan Henderson knows something about the value of title belts, as the only person who's ever simultaneously held the titles of two different weight classes in a major MMA promotion. So it's noteworthy that Henderson isn't happy about an inexperienced fighter, Brock Lesnar, being the UFC heavyweight champion:

"It kind of demeans the UFC belt," Henderson said of Lesnar being champion. "He's 3-1 and he's the UFC champion. It kind of diminishes the value of the belt a little bit. Not saying he's not tough, but there are a number of Top 10 guys out there in the UFC or in MMA that would beat Brock right now, not for any other reason than lack of experience on Brock's part."

I get what Henderson is saying, and when Lesnar first entered the UFC, I had some of the same reservations about him. But Lesnar has combined his freakish athleticism with a great work ethic to develop himself into a legitimate MMA fighter, and I don't have a problem seeing Lesnar with the belt around his waist.

Below is the second half of the Henderson interview.

Dan Henderson interview, Part 2:


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