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Will Kimbo Slice Fight in Japan?

Kimbo Slice is currently a fighter without a home, after his knockout loss to Seth Petruzelli led to the downfall of EliteXC.

But Slice might be back soon, fighting professionally in Japan. passes along word from the Japanese media that Kimbo could appear at the K-1 World Grand Prix Finals on Saturday at the Yokohama Arena to announce that he will start fighting for the organization in March of 2009. His first opponent could be K-1 heavyweight champion Badr Hari.

The big problem, of course, is the one that Petruzelli exposed last month: Kimbo stinks. He's just not a good fighter. Kimbo is big and tough in backyards and alleys, but he can't step into the ring with legitimate athletes. A real martial artist like Badr Hari would handle Kimbo with ease.

Still, Japanese fight fans love larger-than-life personalities, so Kimbo would be a natural fit in Japan. And the K-1 organization just inked a deal with HDNet to broadcast mixed martial arts and kickboxing in the United States, so getting the man who is probably America's most famous MMA fighter would be a major coup. This deal could be a money maker for everybody.

Note: For those who have never heard of Badr Hari, a video of him kickboxing against the Korean giant Hong Man Choi is below.