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UFC Commentator Joe Rogan: MMA Fighters Are the Nicest People in the World

Last year Joe Rogan and Tom Green had an interesting (and profane) conversation about UFC:

"The people who do it are some of the nicest people in the world," Rogan said. "Nicest people I've ever met. Because they don't have the physical insecurities that a lot of men carry around with them. A lot of these guys who are fighting, a lot of guys who are competing in mixed martial arts, and they're training, or they might be just fans who are doing jiu jitsu or kickboxing, they're really nice guys because they get all their aggression out in the gym. And they don't have insecurities, they don't feel the need to be pushy with people."

I don't have nearly as much personal contact with MMA athletes as Rogan has, but I've noticed the same thing: Most of the ones I've met are nice guys with pleasant personalities. Maybe being secure in the knowledge that you're the toughest guy in the room makes you more easy going.

Rogan also has an interesting theory on why MMA is popular.

"What appeals to our DNA is combat," Rogan said. "Physical combat, man on man, men dominating men. ... It's weird, chimpanzee DNA stuff. If you look at pure sport, sport is men competing against other men. ... It brings us to this alpha male, chimpanzee thing that's in our DNA."

Here's Part 2 of the Rogan-Green conversation, in which Rogan discussed the then-upcoming Chuck Liddell-Rampage Jackson fight: