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Jules Bruchez's 'TUF 8' Blog: Episode 7

Well America it looks like in week seven Junie has finally calmed down after his win against Roli. But even though Junie has won, that's not good enough for Frank Mir. As you saw, Frank told him that "He expected more from him" and Junie agreed that his performance was not good. Junie finally realized that he needed to start taking care of himself and stop acting like an idiot. I think that fight allowed him to release some of his anger which enabled him to stop acting up and losing control.

Frank decided to make sure that wouldn't happen again by bringing in Wanderlei Silva's conditioning guru, Rafael Alejarra, who put them through hard cardio training with snorkels and ice baths.

We all knew that Nogueira confronted Vinny about his trash talk but we had no idea that their argument was that intensive. I think the best thing about watching that was how Vinny said there are cameras running all the time and when you watch this you will see that I didn't say anything. But then right before the argument they show Vinny saying everything. The camera doesn't lie!! Vinny runs his mouth a little bit, but hey then again he has won multiple Jiu Jitsu titles. But to go as for as calling Nogueria's ground game basic, Come on now !!!!!

Now there are only 4 heavyweights left to fight. A lot of people have asked me if we had control who would we have picked. I wanted to fight Vinny because I figured I'd have a better stand up match up against him. While, Nogueira felt that Kyle was a better match up because of his reach and stand up. Since we didn't have control we didn't know what was going to happen or?? did we????

Team Mir did a good job of throwing hints around trying to convince us that Kyle would be next up to fight against Krzysztof. What they didn't know was that Vinny had been leaking information to us the whole time. For the past few weeks, Eliot and Krzysztof had been teaming up and isolating themselves from Tom and Vinny at practice. This was really beginning to piss off Tom and Vinny. As I mentioned in my last blog, Vinny was getting mad because he kept hearing Krzysztof and Eliot talk about how they would be in the finals together. This caused Vinny to retaliate and give Team Nogueira inside information. He warned us that Krzysztof's hand may have been broken so he probably wouldn't fight this week. This caused us to speculate that it would be me and Vinny.

Now how about my tombstone!!! I must say that was great! I wish I would have thought of that! Just to clue everyone in, that prank didn't happen right before my fight. It actually happened much earlier when we first got into the house. I still think that it was the best prank of the whole show! The stuff actually came in handy. We later used the tombstone as target practice with the bow and arrow that Phillipe made. We also used the candles for our salt baths at night to relax.

As for as the fight between me and Vinny, what a disappointment on my end. My goal was to take it to him standing up, but the distance seemed to get the best of me. I make no excuses for my actions; I lost fair and square. I was truly convinced I would take it to the second round and finish him standing up. I mentally beat myself more than anything I just didn't know it. When Vinny hit me with the inside leg kick he hit me with his foot. Vinny doesn't kick with his shins which gives him an extra foot in reach. That totally threw me off! I was used to a guy who comes out straight at you so when he threw the kick I felt way out of range. I didn't freeze I just felt that if I threw a punch after the kick like you are supposed to then I would over reach and would be leaning forward in range for him to punch me. Once the gap was closed and I caught his knee I froze for 1 second and thought to myself "I'm not supposed to go to the ground with him." Naturally, in that case I would sweep the back leg slide him down the cage pin him and pound away. Just when I thought of what not to do he thought of what to do and jumped for a flying arm bar. He took high mount on me the worst position I could be in. I actually felt safe for a second but knew I must get out of there. I never expected him to lean towards the cage I didn't think there was enough room for him to try to armbar me, WELL I WAS WRONG!!

People keep asking me if you could change anything what would it be? I would have been a lot more aggressive. I truly think I could have stopped him standing, by stepping in so he couldn't throw his long kicks and sticking him with my jab setting him up for the straight and hook.

If there is anything I learned from this it is that you must always be prepared, even though I offer no excuses I will never enter a show unprepared again. I will keep this feeling of humiliation and disgust with me and carry it close to my heart that way I will never forget this feeling. This will allow me to continue to work hard and give it my all next time I am in the cage.

To all who have been watching me and supporting me, I know it is great just to make it to the show. Considering all the obstacles I faced to get there and while I was there, somewhere deep down inside me I am proud of myself. But I am not content! I will not give up! I will continue fighting and making the push to stay in the UFC.

Thank you to my family and all my friends in Louisiana and all other states that have supported me in this journey. This will not be the last you see of me. Thank you and God Bless.

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