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UFC 91 Video: Randy Couture: Brock Lesnar Isn't the No. 1 Contender, No One Says He Is

UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture defends his title against Brock Lesnar at UFC 91, and he has some interesting thoughts about the business decision behind giving Lesnar a title shot:

"It's a big fight and that's what it's about," Couture said. "It's business. Is he the No. 1 contender? I don't think the UFC or anybody else is pretending that he is. But he's a big, strong, athletic guy who brings a lot of eyeballs to this pay-per-view, and it makes for a big fight and that's what the UFC wants is a big fight."

I basically agree with Couture: Lesnar is not the No. 1 contender, but he was the best person for the UFC to match Couture up with when Couture decided to come out of retirement. And I find it interesting that at the same time that people are saying Lesnar doesn't deserve a title shot, most people actually think Lesnar is going to win.

Couture said he's in good shape, has a good game plan and, "I'll punch him in the face and see how he likes that. Welcome to MMA."

Via Sherdog and Bloody Elbow.

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