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MMA Live on UFC 90: Anderson Silva, Patrick Cote, Thiago Alves, Sean Sherk, Junior Cigano

The latest installment of MMA Live takes a look back at UFC 90:

They talk about Anderson Silva's win, Patrick Cote's injury, Thiago Alves becoming the No. 1 welterweight contender, Sean Sherk getting back on the winning track, Junior "Cigano" dos Santos becoming a heavyweight sensation, and more.

Franklin McNeil compares Silva's performance at UFC 90 to the way Roy Jones used to toy with his opponents, and I think that's an astute observation. Stephan Bonnar defends Silva and says his approach to the Cote fight was just fine.

Bonnar noted that the key to Alves beating Josh Koscheck was stuffing Koscheck's takedowns. Alves is quite clearly the best choice to fight the Georges St. Pierre-B.J. Penn winner, but as McNeil noted, Alves will need to work on his ground game if he thinks he can beat GSP.

Note: Bonnar thinks UFC won't do a Silva-Chuck Liddell fight because he believes Silva is too dangerous an opponent for Liddell.

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