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Lion's Den Elite Fight Team tryouts on Nov. 2

Ken Shamrock will hold tryouts for the Middletown, Connecticut branch of his Lion's Den Elite Fight Team on Sunday, November 2.

The address for the gym is 1385 Newfield Street. For more information call 860-613-2394 or visit Fighters must provide their own gear (shin guards, 16 ounce gloves, MMA gloves, mouthpiece, head gear and groin protector). Registration begins at 9am and tryouts will start at 10am.

"Only fighters that excel in every level of the grueling competition will make the cut," Shamrock said in a statement. "The competition will be tough, our standards are extremely high. Athletes will be required to display their mixed martial arts skills during a series of extremely challenging drills. If they score high enough to avoid early elimination, they will move on to the next round and will eventually compete in multiple live MMA elimination matches. The tryout process is intense, the competitors not only have to have heart, they will have to prove their skills as well."

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