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Another Judo Medalist switches to MMA

Hiroshi Izumi, a silver medalist in Judo at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, is expected to sign shortly with World Victory Road's "Sengoku," Nikkan Sports reports.

Izumi competed in the 90 kg division as an Olympian and has also placed gold in the division at the 2005 World Judo Championships, the East Asian Judo Championships in 2007 and the World University Games in 2003.

The 26-year-old Izumi, who will ask for his release from the All Japan Judo Federation once the contract is signed with World Victory Road,will most likely debut at the promotion's New Year's Eve event "Sengoku 7" on January 4.

Izumi made up his mind Wednesday to officially pursue mixed martial arts after consulting with "Sengoku" heavyweight and 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist in Judo Hidehiko Yoshida.

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