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'The Ultimate Fighter 8'

We're halfway through the "The Ultimate Fighter: Team Mir vs Team Nogueira" on Spike TV. Episode seven airs Wednesday night.

Twelve fighters remain in competition from the original thirty-two brought onto the show.

Below is a recap of the current season. The Finale takes place December 13 in Las Vegas.

Episode 1 "Ready to Fight" (Jules Bruchez Blog)

- Krzysztof Soszynski def. Mike Stewart via TKO (strikes) ? R1
- Dave Kaplan def. Fernando Bernstein via submission (RNC) ? R1
- Phillipe Nover def. Joe Duarte via submission (RNC) ? R2
- Jules Bruchez def. Eric Magee via submission (RNC) ? R1
- Vinicius Magalhaes def. Lance Evans via TKO (injury) ? After R1
- Antwain Britt def. Ryan Jimmo via decision after two rounds
- Brian McLaughlin and Brandon Garner went to a no contest (illegal knee) ? R1
- Junie Browning def. Jose Aguilar via TKO (forfeitl) ? After R1

Notes: McLaughlin, who was winning until he was hit with an illegal knee, was picked by White to advance? Mike Stewart was brought on the show to replace Jason Guida, who failed to make weight.

Episode 2 "Down to Business"

- John Polakowski def. Wesley Murch via TKO (injury) ? R2
- Shane Primm def. Sean O'Connell via submission (RNC) ? R1
- Efrain Escudero def. Ido Pariente via submission (RNC) ? R1
- Tom Lawlor def. Ryan Lopez via submission (RNC) ? R1
- George Roop def. Roli Delgado via decision after two rounds
- Ryan Bader def.Kyle Kingsbury via submission (arm-triangle) ? R2
- Shane Nelson def. Charles Diaz via decision after two rounds
- Karn Grigoryan def. Eliot Marshall via decision after three rounds

Notes: Antwain Britt, who won his elimination bout on episode one, suffered a broken hand and left the show. Marshall is brought back to replace Britt.

Episode 3 "Demons" (Blog)

- Ryan Bader def. Tom Lawlor via KO ? R1

Notes: Brian McLaughlin and Karn Grigoryan, who both won their elimination bouts, suffered nose fractures and left the show? Kyle Kingsbury and Roli Delgado return to replace Grigoryan and McLaughlin, respectively.

Episode 4 "Punk"

- Efrain Escudero def. Shane Nelson via submission (triangle choke) ? R2

Episode 5 "From Chill to Kill" (Blog)

- Eliot Marshall def. Shane Primm via submission (RNC) ? R1

Episode 6 "Fight, Fight, Kill, Kill"

- Junie Browning def. Roli Delgado via decision after three rounds

Remaining Fighters:

- Krzysztof Soszynski
- Dave Kaplan
- Phillipe Nover
- Jules Bruchez
- Vinicius Magalhaes
- Junie Browning
- John Polakowski
- Efrain Escudero
- George Roop
- Ryan Bader
- Eliot Marshall

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