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Matt Hughes: If B.J. Penn Is in Shape He'll Beat Georges St. Pierre at UFC 94

Matt Hughes has fought B.J. Penn twice and Georges St. Pierre three times, so he's a good person to ask about their fight at UFC 94. asked Hughes what he thinks:

"I just found out, I think, today that B.J. and Georges are going at it," Hughes said. "I don't really care who wins. I like them both. They're both real talented. Whoever wins is whoever wins. I think that if B.J. comes in shape, he'll win the fight. If B.J. doesn't come in shape, then Georges will win the fight."

That's a common sentiment about Penn, who is undeniably one of the most talented fighters in the history of the sport but has been criticized at times for not taking his cardiovascular conditioning seriously enough. Can Penn get into top shape while moving back up to 170 pounds after fighting at 155 for the last two years? We'll find out on January 31.

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