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Today in MMA: Amir Sadollah, Dana White, Nick Diaz, Anderson Silva, Seth Petruzelli

Says Amir Sadollah of his opponent at UFC 91, Nick Catone, "I know a little bit about Catone; from what I understand he's a good wrestler and a good jiu-jitsu guy, a strong guy, real tough. But I'm not counting anything out. He may have worked on his stand up. He may be a K-1 level kickboxer. We'll see."

UFC President Dana White calls Nick Diaz "a bad ass."

Anderson Silva had a Lyoto Machida-style game plan against Patrick Cote.

Silva wants to fight again immediately, maybe even at UFC 91. (Which is not going to happen.)

MMA Convert took a look at Seth Petruzelli's contract for the Kimbo Slice fight.

Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva will remain suspended after losing his appeal for testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

Robbie Lawler's manager thinks he can get out of his EliteXC contract soon.

A Q&A with the CEO of the American Fight League.

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