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UFC's open 'TUF' challenge to Kimbo Slice

The UFC has an open challenge of sorts for Kimbo Slice to join "The Ultimate Fighter" on Spike TV.

To discredit Slice's mixed martial arts abilities, UFC president Dana White said he'd be willing to bring back heavyweights to the show.

"I don't consider him a real athlete or anything," White said at the UFC 90 post-fight conference, in a video courtesy of AOL Fanhouse. "He won't win 'The Ultimate Fighter.' The offer is out there if he wants to take it. He won't win it."

But Slice fighting for the UFC ? and especially as a cast member for a "TUF" -- is not likely to happen.

Between fighting for a boss who has insulted him at every opportunity, Slice stands to earn bigger bucks as a headliner elsewhere. Another possibility is Japan, where there's a fascination with black athletes with an intimidating look. Bob Sapp anyone?

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