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Rich Franklin Will Fight Dan Henderson at UFC 93, Not Interested in 'The Ultimate Fighter'

Rich Franklin says he has signed a contract to fight Dan Henderson in the main event at UFC 93 in January, but the talk that the winner of that fight is going to be a coach on Season 9 of The Ultimate Fighter is news to him:

"There's been rumors and, supposedly, news that I'm going to be the coach of the next season with a victory over Dan," Franklin said. "But the UFC hasn't approached me about that. I know they spoke to Dan several months ago about him being coach, and that was probably well before this fight was planned. But as for me they haven't talked to me about it, but I tried to put a phone call into (UFC President Dana White) himself and ask him about it, but he hasn't gotten back to me."

Franklin, who was one of the coaches on the second season of The Ultimate Fighter, was then asked if he's interested in being a coach again, and he didn't sound too enthused -- unless UFC shows him the money.

"I never say never, but it's not something that I'm particularly interested in doing again," Franklin said. "I mean, with the right incentive, anything can look appealing."

Note: Franklin also said he would like Georges St. Pierre's chances of beating Anderson Silva, especially if GSP can take the fight to the ground.

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