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Thiago Alves: 'I Don't Want to Wait' for Georges St. Pierre-B.J. Penn Winner

Thiago Alves firmly established himself as the No. 1 contender in the UFC's welterweight division on Saturday night with a unanimous decision victory over Josh Koscheck at UFC 90. But Alves said afterward that he hopes his next fight is not for the welterweight belt.

Noting that welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre will fight lightweight champion B.J. Penn at UFC 94 in three months, Alves said he wouldn't want to have to sit around for six months or more to fight the winner of that fight.

"I don't want to wait," Alves said. "If they tell me to wait, I'll wait, but I want another fight. I want to do my job. ... I think I'm ready but it's up to Dana White and the UFC."

White, the UFC president, said he thinks Alves is due a title shot, so Alves might sit around for six months or more to fight the Penn-St. Pierre winner. Alves against whoever the welterweight champion is after UFC 94 would make for a great fight, but I'd rather see Alves in the Octagon one more time before then.

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