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Dana White on Anderson Silva at UFC 90: 'He Had a Bad Night; We Saw That He's Human'

UFC President Dana White for the most part defended Anderson Silva after the middleweight champ had his worst showing in the Octagon against Patrick Cote at UFC 90.

But even White had to acknowledge that this was a weak performance by Silva's standards.

"I think he had a bad night," White told Steve Cofield. "I think he had a bad night tonight, and I think we saw that he's human. Even he can have a bad night."

It's true that everyone can have a bad night, but the UFC needs to put Silva in the Octagon against opponents with whom he can't afford to have a bad night. And that means moving him up to light heavyweight. There just aren't any middleweights who can give Silva a challenge. I hope to see Silva fight a Top 10 205-pounder early in 2009.

Click below to hear White's appearance on the post-fight show (ESPN1100):

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